hp 363 ink

We always focus to value addition in our products for our valuable customers so we determined to run some tests on the levels of the original ink cartridges and how they stand against own refilled cartridges.

Value addition of HP 363 Ink cartridge by tests

The test is started by moving out the top of an unfilled HP363 genuine ink cartridge. After moving out the top one found a chamber filled with a hydrophobic sponge. The sponge is applied to clutch the ink until the print head allows while printing. The HP spectacles state the HP 363 ink cartridge has 4.5ml of ink within it. It is a gut feeling that this is more linked to cost than the physical cartridge potentialities. To prove the point we determined to observe how much ink we could enter the hp 363 with no flooding the sponge and its hydrophobic properties were not being affected.

Starting with a bundle of unfilled original HP 363 cartridges that had been utilized simply one time, by using vacuum filling machine we start filling cartridges at diverse levels of ink and vacuum rates. We gradually augmented the ink levels in anticipation of completely filled cartridges, and then ran backwards until we set up the optimal limits without yielding the ink cartridges utility.

Bodily filling an ink cartridge is one thing and making it work in the printer is another thing, delighted with the development up to now, after that we took the ink cartridge to analysis of printers; the printer we preferred to test was the HP Photosmart C4480. The result in the form of the print was sharp and crisp as the identical cartridge filled with HP's suggested 4.5ml. To examine HP 363 ink cartridges we used particularly designed test page that covers almost 80% to test the cartridge at high level productivity, the print was consistent and spotless with no lines.

 It had been discovered that the ink cartridge can bodily hold more ink. To answer how long our max filled HP 363 printer ink will last as compared to the original we continued trials but on this occasion we set Photosmart printer to go with the settings mentioned in HP's guidelines. We observed that refilled ink cartridges lasted 3 to 4 times more than the HP original ink cartridge.

Conclusion was as we idea the HP's 4.5ml of ink in the HP 363 is more about cash. It witnessed that lately emptied HP 363 ink when filled with the right ink formula under the right vacuum considerations cerates unmatched excellence up to the original brand.